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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Colours of Malaysia

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Temerloh & Kerdau

Friday, April 8, 2011
This is somewhere in Temerloh which is situated next to
Kerdau which just underwent a by election.

A kampung road

Hibiscus the national flower, it also comes in variants such as red and white.

Bunga kertas . Bougainvillea

Young bananas on a tree.

The sun is about to set now.

This is Kerdau

This was a few months ago during the by-election.
Here is one of the winning party's campaign quarters.

Here's a campaign quarter for the other competing party.

Entering Kerdau town.

There's a shop lot built from wood. Classic.

The whole place was decorated with campaign materials, slogans, buntings, posters and flags.
The slogan read "For you Kerdau, one purpose, one battle"

This is the present Chief Minister of Pahang.

In another place not very far from Kerdau and Temerloh is Bukit Angin. The road has a food place where one restaurant was literally named Wind Hill, as Bukit Angin is Wind Hill.

Professional "rempits"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
They are not mere 'rempits' but kings of the race tracks. And I had a chance to meet them last October. My husband had to interview them for an article and asked me to tag along as his photographer. I am not that tere but I gave it a try and being unprepared I only bought my 50mm lens along with no extrenal flash. Anyway, let's meet the wunderkinds.

This is Ramdan Md Rosli, 15 and winner of last year's Cub Prix category of CP130.
Source here.

He has many of those cups.

In fact he has a cupboard full of trophy cups.

We asked him for a few poses with his racing cups.
But of course not every picture will be used by the editor.

His parents are very supportive but they insist that they won't let him ride a motorcycle on the road as he is only 15.

Next up is

Adib Rosley, 17 who is the Wira Champion - Malaysian Cub Prix Championship 2010
Source : here

As usual a pose with one of his cups.
One side of his living room wall is full of racing posters and trophies.

And with his father Mr Rosley who passed on his passion for racing to 3 of his kids by buying them mini motorcycles. But only Adib is active in racing.

Father, son and his youngest daughter posing with an old mini bike which now decorates their living room.

As an amateur photographer I was thankful that these boys are a natural in front of the camera. Ramdan looked a bit shy but posed naturally on camera while Adib was all smiley and friendly in front and off camera.

By Rara

JB Kitty

Saturday, February 12, 2011
Meow, can I sample some of your meal madam?


Friday, February 11, 2011
It was bored so I asked my friends on facebook who wants to be photographed? and a few took heed. So I chose one friend and on the shooting day she brought along her sisters. Unfortunately one sister was down with fever and so there were only three. Enjoy the pics of the sister at Taman Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur.





Happy siblings

Sneaky eldest sister

I asked her to do that hehehe.

Life is never boring when you have siblings


Me with them with a tripod's aid.