Temerloh & Kerdau

Friday, April 8, 2011
This is somewhere in Temerloh which is situated next to
Kerdau which just underwent a by election.

A kampung road

Hibiscus the national flower, it also comes in variants such as red and white.

Bunga kertas . Bougainvillea

Young bananas on a tree.

The sun is about to set now.

This is Kerdau

This was a few months ago during the by-election.
Here is one of the winning party's campaign quarters.

Here's a campaign quarter for the other competing party.

Entering Kerdau town.

There's a shop lot built from wood. Classic.

The whole place was decorated with campaign materials, slogans, buntings, posters and flags.
The slogan read "For you Kerdau, one purpose, one battle"

This is the present Chief Minister of Pahang.

In another place not very far from Kerdau and Temerloh is Bukit Angin. The road has a food place where one restaurant was literally named Wind Hill, as Bukit Angin is Wind Hill.